Environmental impact assessments and public health and Natura 2000 network

Navigační obrázek služeb v oblasti životního prostředí

In terms of impacts on the environment and public health, specific projects (EIA) or concepts and spatial plans (SEA) can be evaluated. Impacts on the Natura 2000 network are also assessed.

Guarantor: Mgr. Zdeněk Frélic


Hodnocení vlivů na životní prostředí a soustavu Natura 2000:: mapa půdního fondu


This evaluation is based on the Environmental Impact Assessment Act (EIA/SEA) and the law governing the protection of nature and the landscape (Natura 2000). Only a natural person with special authorization can perform it.

We have been involved in the assessment of projects, concepts and spatial plans since 2000 and several at the national level (spatial development policy), regional (Principles of Spatial Development, integrated development plans) and local.

Who is this service intended for

This service is requested by ministries, regions, municipalities and public institutions, as well as by private investors.

Service contents

The assessment of the effects on the environment and public health should eliminate the negative impact of the project or concept on the environment, or at least contribute to improving it. It simultaneously enables public involvement in the process. This review on intentions or concepts is one of the conditions for approving it.

We offer clients the complete provision of the EIA or SEA process:

  • Notification of the intention or concept,
  • Environmental and public health impact assessment,
  • Sustainable regional development impact assessment,
  • Natura 2000 impact assessment,
  • Preparing the application for an opinion pursuant to the law on protecting nature and the landscape,
  • Landscape character impact assessment,
  • Preparing the assessment report,
  • Preparing or supplementing projects on environmental matters,
  • Organizing and moderating public discussions.


  • Integrated development plan for Zlín 2014–2020, preparing SEA 2014–2015
  • Updating the development program of the city of Studénka, preparation of the action plan and support for approving the strategic document. Overseeing the SEA process, 2014–2015
  • Assessment of the conceptual impact of the Integrated Development Plan for Jihlava, České Budějovice, Zlín and Liberec, 2015
  • ITI – Integrated Territorial Investment for the Pardubicko-Hradecké agglomeration 2014–2020, 2015
  • Tichá Orlice, Ústí nad Orlicí – increasing the protection of the city with dikes, reconstructing channels and weirs. Notification of intent, 2015
  • Evaluating the impact of proposals for updating the 2008 Czech Spatial Development Policy on sustainable spatial development, 2015
  • Strategic plan for the development of the city of Jihlava until 2020, 2013–2014
  • Spatial plan for the city of Jeseník, 2016
  • Updating an urban study for Pustevny – Radhošť, 2007
  • Evaluating the impact of the Spatial Development Policy of the Zlínsko region on sustainable spatial development, 2007
  • Preparing the strategic plan of sustainable development of the city of Karlovy Vary and preparing the SEA assessment, 2013–2014

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Navigační obrázek služeb v oblasti životního prostředí

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Navigační obrázek služeb v oblasti životního prostředí

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