Project activities in water management

Navigační obrázek služeb v oblasti životního prostředí

Project activities in water management form the logical continuation of previously prepared studies or investment plans and the most important step towards implementation of proposed measures.

Guarantor: Ing. Roman Przybyla


Projekční činnost ve vodním hospodářství: lokální biocentrum


Who is this service intended for

Our clients are municipalities, cities, micro-regions, associations of committees and companies.

Service contents

We elaborate all phases of project activities and water management:

  • Documentation for spatial planning decisions (DÚR),
  • Documentation for building permits (DSP),
  • Construction documentation for implementation (RDS).

We furthermore provide professional

  • preparation of investment plans (simplified technical documentation),
  • passporting of water-service construction (ponds, reservoirs),
  • passporting of sewerage system,
  • geodetic survey,
  • engineering works


  • Passporting of Pond Kajlovec, 2016
  • Passporting of three ponds in the township of Litultovice, 2016
  • Preparing project documentation for planning and project documentation for a building permit and documentation for construction, including engineering, for the Polder proposal in Kozmice, 2016–2017

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Climate change refers to any long-term changes, including natural variability and changes caused by human activity. Although these two components cannot be clearly distinguished from each other, it is clear that we must react appropriately to climate change and adapt to it.

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Navigační obrázek služeb v oblasti životního prostředí

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