About us

We are a Czech company with a tradition going back to 1991. We look for ways to deal with individual components of the environment and carry out sustainable planning and management.

We combine years of experience with updated knowledge across related areas. Our team consists of over 40 employees, experts in each area of interest. We are strengthening our potential with systematic collaborations with partners from universities, research institutions and private companies. Our regular participation in research projects allows us to push the known boundaries of all monitored areas. This makes it possible for us to present solutions with a high level of expertise, and at the same time completely conform to the individual needs of the customer.

Our head office is in Brno with branch offices in Opava and Olomouc. Our clients include public and commercial entities in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Top management

Ing. Michal Brokl

Company Executive
+420 724 118 464
+420 558 900 012
michal [dot] brokl [at] ekotoxa [dot] cz


Ing. Eva Birgusová

+420 724 200 837
+420 558 900 018
eva [dot] birgusova [at] ekotoxa [dot] cz

Graduate of the discipline Forest Engineering at the School of Forestry at Mendel University in Brno (1992). In addition to coordinating environmental procurement, she is professionally involved in preparing studies, concepts and projects focusing on the landscape, and on water management of the landscape and forestry. She is perfectly familiar with subsidy programs, and is a member of the association Pro Silva Bohemica.

Ing. Jiří Jedlička

Business Consultant
+420 721 222 994
+420 558 900 022
jiri [dot] jedlicka [at] ekotoxa [dot] cz

Mgr. Zdeněk Frélich

+420 777 024 136
+420 558 900 025
zdenek [dot] frelich [at] ekotoxa [dot] cz

Graduate of the Landscape Protection and Landscaping at the School of Natural Sciences at Ostrava University. He is licensed to assess impacts on Natura 2000 (2009) and assess environmental impacts (2014). He works with projects concerning the environment, regional development, zoning and landscaping. He goes to work on a bike and takes the train to meetings.

Ing. Michal Brokl

+420 724 118 464
+420 558 900 012
michal [dot] brokl [at] ekotoxa [dot] cz

Graduate of Geodesy and Cartography at the School of Civil Engineering at the Technical University in Brno (2001). He is a land consolidation planner licensed (2005) by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture.  In addition to managerial duties, he also works as a specialist primarily on the land consolidation process: he has already completed a number of successful projects. He participates in projects that require working with geographic data and remote sensing (DPZ). He resolves the technical side of creating LPIS.

Ing. Roman Przybyla

+420 724 750 584
+420 558 900 015
roman [dot] przybyla [at] ekotoxa [dot] cz

Graduate of the discipline Agro-Ecology at the School of Agronomics at Mendel University in Brno (2010). Since the beginning of his career, he has been involved in project activities for water management of the landscape. He leads a team specializing in studies of run off conditions and proposals for flood and erosion control measures. He is also involved in evaluating the conditions of the landscape and aerial photography of the landscape. He holds a drone operator’s license.

Ing. Čestmír Kantor

External Consultant

+420 602 587 599
+420 558 900 030
cestmir [dot] kantor [at] ekotoxa [dot] cz

Graduate of the School of Electrical Engineering at the Technical University in Brno (1987). He has worked for many years as an expert in information services and geo-informatics. He has capitalized on his deep insight into the design and administration of systems for the administration and control of European subsidies (IACS) in a number of international projects. He is currently engaged in the issue of data registers and related agendas at the Ministry of Agriculture.

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