Processing spatial plans

Navigační obrázek služeb v oblasti územního plánování a rozvoje
Spatial development and planning

Spatial plans establish the basic concept of developing a particular area, protecting its values, spatial layout, arrangement of the land, and public infrastructure. The spatial plan lays out the necessary areas and corridors for enabling these  functions.

Guarantor: Mgr. Hana Trávníčková


Územní plán obce: koordinační výkres


The spatial plan is the principal conceptual tool for community development and a prerequisite for the actual changes in the subsequent use of the area. It solves the arrangement and functional use of the area and a coherence of individual activities and limit their negative effects.

Together with comprehensive land consolidation, the spatial plan is the key instrument for the effective management of not only urban area, but also landscape. Our experience from creating spatial plans and comprehensive land consolidations allow us to see the issue of spatial planning in a complex manner and to work with it from the perspective of the effective use of both documents.

Who is this service intended for

Our clients are cities and municipalities that are responsible for spatial plans and/or alterations to them.

Service contents

We prepare spatial plans based on commission or we share in the commissioned formulation of them.


  • Spatial plan for Ketkovice, 2011
  • Spatial plan for Moravský Beroun, 2013
  • Spatial plan for Staré Těchanovice, 2013
  • Spatial plan for Laškov, 2014
  • Spatial plan for Pražmo, 2016

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Navigační obrázek služeb v oblasti územního plánování a rozvoje

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