Air quality analysis and implementation of the air quality improvement program

Navigační obrázek služeb v oblasti životního prostředí

In some parts of the Czech Republic, where emission limits are often ignored, the air quality can be quite poor. An air quality analysis provides objective information about the condition of the atmosphere and possible solutions. The action plan to implement a program to improve the quality of air based on a medium-term strategy for individual agglomerations and zones should follow.

Guarantor: Mgr. Pavla Škarková


Analýza kvality ovzduší: graf emisí těkavých organických látek


An air quality analysis evaluates information about the current condition of the local atmosphere, showing its evolution over time, the fulfillment of emission limits, the occurrence of areas with deteriorating quality, and an evaluation of the emissions situation. The emissions analysis is based on the results of the actual measurements of emissions concentrations or use of value models published by CHMU. An evaluation of the importance of greenery for actively and passively intercepting pollutants in the area of interest can also be performed. All this information is crucial for working with the public.

Action plans are based on medium-term strategies for improving air quality. There is no legal basis for requiring them, rather they are logical responses to the previous steps taken when elaborating an air quality improvement program (PZKO). The action plan creates the framework for implementing the program.

The purpose of the initiative is an effective and comprehensive implementation of the National Medium-Term Strategy 2020 into the regional level, which is represented precisely by PZKO.

Who is this service intended for

Our clients are municipalities, selected areas of regions or micro-regions and local action groups.

Service contents

  • Analysis of the condition of the local atmosphere
  • Action plans for implementing PZKO


  • Medium-term strategy for protecting the air, 2014–2020
  • Situation report – updating information for the Air Quality Improvement Program for the city of Šumperk, annually
  • Air Quality Improvement Program for the Pardubicko and Královéhradecko regions, the municipalities of Český Těšín and Kopřivnice, cities of Třinec, Přerov, Olomouc, Orlová, Opava, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, Havířov, Prostějov and Bohumín
  • Measuring emission concentrations using the passive sampler method in Uničov, Vsetín, Přerov, Opava, and Olomouc

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