Impact of emission deposition in forests

Navigační obrázek služeb v oblasti zemědělství a lesnictví
Agriculture and forestry

The ecological stability of forests has been considerably impaired. Weakening due to air pollution, lack of groundwater, rising temperatures, outbreaks of insect pests, storms and other impacts – all this should lead to a change in forest management so that it results in more than just clearing up the damage.

Guarantor: Ing. Eva Birgusová


Imisní škody v lesích: imisemi poškozená horská smrčina


Emissions deposits from substances polluting the air, together with many other factors, are part of what is worsening the condition of forests. Persistent or slightly increasing deposits of nitrogen and tropospheric ozone, topsoil depleted of basic elements, changes in the distribution and amount of rainfall, the approaching saturation of forest ecosystems with nitrogen, etc., are adversely affecting our forests.

In order to successfully adapt forest management to these changing conditions, the time is past to commence steps towards increasing the stability and vitality of our forests.

Who is this service intended for

This service is intended primarily for forest owners.

Service contents

In cooperation with research organizations and academic staff, we offer

  • monitoring of emission sources,
  • monitoring of emission concentrations in air pollutants,
  • determining the causality of emission sources in ambient concentrations,
  • measuring and modeling atmospheric deposits of sulfur, nitrogen and ozone,
  • determining how far critical levels of sulfur, nitrogen and acidity are exceeded in atmospheric deposits in forest ecosystems,
  • the economic aspects of determining and quantifying pollution damage,
  • proposal of amelioration and cultivation measures to reduce the impact of air pollution on forests.


  • Proposal of a new system to compensate forest owners for pollution damage, 2008
  • Reducing societal-wide use of forests due to the potential effects of tropospheric ozone in the context of climate change, 2010
  • The condition of forest soil as a determining factor in the development of health factors, biodiversity and the fulfillment of production and non-production use of forests, 2014

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